Jul 26 2006

Apology to Roger Clemens

Category: Houston,Pro SportsTim @ 9:07 am

Dear Roger,

On behalf of the thousands of Astros fans who helped convince you to come back for “one more season,” we are deeply sorry; sorry that your teammates have not treated you better. We are sorry that you have to carry the entire team. We are sorry that we convinced you to rejoin a sorry team.

It’s simply not enough to limit the other team to 1 or 2 runs, you must also drive in as many runs as you allow. Think about The Babe, a pitcher who also could hit for some power. I know it’s late in your storied career to become a home run hitter, but if it can be done, you can do it. Imagine the stories they would tell if you were to start depositing shots into the Crawford Boxes. Koby would be so jealous.

We know we are asking a lot, but we do so want our team to win. You have been the guide for this city by taking us all to places we had never imaged. Places like, a playoff series win, a National League Pennant, and a World Series appearance. We would like to add World Series Champion to that list as well if you please…

Again Roger, we are sorry. Sorry to ask too much of you.

-All Astros Fans

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