Jan 10 2007

Got Juice? No Baseball Hall of Fame for Mark McGwire

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Mark McGwire has impressive numbers as a baseball player; hall of fame type numbers. So, why did he fall so short in his first bid for induction into baseball’s hall of fame?

McGwire’s name was included on just 128 of the 545 ballots cast by baseball writers who took part in the voting, a 23.5 percent showing that fell far short of the 75 percent needed for induction. Because this was McGwire’s initial appearance on the ballot, the vote was viewed as one of the first verdicts to be handed down on baseball’s troubled steroids era, a period that began in the early 1990’s and apparently continued unabated until recent seasons.

Mark McGwire Got Juice

The voters must believe that McGwire’s performance was enhanced and if it was, they are not sure if they can induct someone what could have played for the East German Olympic Team. At the time, steroids were not official banned in baseball, but they were illegal and cheating is as cheating does.

I suspect as memories fade and other “juiced” players names start appearing on the ballots McGwire will appear less objectionable. After-all, Sammy Sosa likely juiced and we no for sure he corked his bat. Once you cross that line…

Sosa McGwire Steroids

Cheating is cheating and if you break a rule, you should pay. Pete Rose bet on baseball and he is not in Cooperstown. McGwire, Sosa, Bonds, et al should not be allowed in either.

Captain’s Quarters: If any of the steroid-era players could have expected a pass from the BBWA, it would have been McGwire. After a disastrous lockout and the first cancellation of the World Series in ninety years, major-league baseball looked as though it had lost its fan base for good. McGwire and his smashing of Roger Maris’ 37-year-old single-season record captured the imagination of the nation, and his good-hearted inclusion of Maris’ family in the celebration as well as his friendly competition with Sammy Sosa created a lot of goodwill — and it showed at the turnstiles.

Cold Hearted Truth. In a word, that’s why he got major-league dissed by the Baseball Writers Association of America. He took them – that’s all but certain. And then he utterly embarrassed himself in front of Congress in 2005 by testifying – when asked whether he used them as a player – that Congress should only concern itself with current steroid usage, not past usage.

Cafe Hayek: A lot of the steroids controversy comes down to one very ugly word: cheater. Cheaters don’t belong in the Hall of Fame. But when you chew on the word for a while, you realize that cheaters come in lots of different flavors.

Baseball Crank: Cheating of one sort or another has always been rampant in baseball – the old National League Orioles used extra baseballs in the outfield, skipped bases, mauled baserunners, etc. Multiple spitballers are in the Hall, including guys from the era when “everybody did it” (e.g., Ed Walsh) and guys who were clearly breaking the rules (Whitey Ford, Gaylord Perry, Don Sutton). Leo Durocher’s 1951 Giants made a science of illegal high-tech (for the 50s) sign-stealing. Do we really need to discuss corked bats here? Or, for that matter, segregation?

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  1. akabaseball says:

    I have never considered the Big Bangers of today’s version of baseball Great Baseball Players. They are entertainers that fill the seats of stadiums with instant gratification type consumers. If the Arts had to live up to the same standards as baseball, Van Gogh would be thrown out of museums. He drank a liquid hallucinogen, cut off his ear and sent it pony express. Pete Rose is banned from baseball because Marge Schot ? tried to fill seats with a manager who could never get players to follow. Rose needed to risk something of value, so he bet.

    If the ARTS were drug tested, half the crap hanging on our public school walls would have to come down,,,, If a typical driver of a motor vehicle was drug tested, CRACK HEADS would not be driving through school zones daily coast to coast. American values place more importance on questioning the distance of a home run, than they do influential art or safety of kids going to school each morning. Imagine if Hollywood was drug tested? Do you think that Pot Head Michael Moore could influence an election? He is fat because of chronic munchies, but he is a leader of many.

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    I really liked your blog with the Orioles mention! A World Series maybe this year?!?

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