Apr 04 2007

MySpace Presidential Election 2008 – Declare Yourself

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The 2008 presidential election already promises to be on like no other; diversity in the candidate field, no clear inside-track nominee, insane levels of campaign spending, and a campaign that will be won or lost in the Internet. MySpace is stepping-up the Internet pressure and bringing in a new class of voters who ONLY get their information online.

First, MySpace has announced a partnership with Declare Yourself:

MySpace - Declare Yourself banner

MySpace has partnered with Declare Yourself, a national nonpartisan, nonprofit campaign to energize and empower you. In 2004, DY registered over a million young voters – this year, MySpace and DY are working together to make it easy for millions more to make a difference.

Encouraging kids to become involved is a good thing. Traditionally, the 18-25 crowd is the lowest voting segment in our country. When kids ask, “Why do we always get the short end of the deal”, the response is, “Politicians don’t worry about you because you don’t vote.” Well, now at least the registration process is right in front of them.

After you register, you need to know about the issues and the candidates, so MySpace has also announced MySpace Impact; a page launched last week featuring candidate profiles and information. Of course, the Internet will be full of blogs on every possible aspect of the 2008 campaign, so the MySpacers will have a lot of information at their fingertips.

What’s missing here, the instant poll to see where users stand. MySpace is planning to adress that piece by holding their own presidential primary:

MySpace, the social networking site, will be holding its own presidential “primary” over the first two days of January 2008. (We’d call it more of a straw poll, actually.) All registered users will be eligible to choose their favorite candidate, and they can track the results of the two-day poll as they come in.

“Iowa and New Hampshire may be selecting delegates, but the MySpace vote will be the first test of where candidates stand in the election year,” said Tom Anderson, president of MySpace, in a release.

Talk about undercutting Iowa and New Hampshire. The MySpace vote could have a huge impact on a candidate’s campaign. You can be sure that the press will be all over the “election” results and the political experts will be weighing the impact of this poll for a long time.

What does this mean for the MySpace universe? Get ready for candidate appearances, more online political ads than you can stand, and every campaign camp wanting to know what’s on your mind. In other words, get ready to be noticed.

Apr 03 2007

Astros Opening Day 2007 – The Day After

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Ah the sites, sounds and smells of baseball’s Opening Day.

I admit, I’m addicted. The bunting, the local high school baseball champions holding the American flag, Clay Walker performing the anthem and a mini-concert, the fly-overs and Golden Knights team (when the roof is open), the sound of Milo Hamilton inventing new names for players, the introduction of coaches you’ve never seen before, the 47 ceremonial first pitches, and the promise that this will be “our year!”

I love going to Opening Day. My boys and I have made it a tradition to attend this special game every year and we have a good string going.

Astros Opening Day 2007

Yesterday was no exception.

The game featured a lot of great baseball; Roy Oswalt pitching well, Luke Scot crushing a home run to center, great defense by Adam Everett and Chris Burke, and Adam LaRoche striking-out 4 times in a row (I don’t like that guy). Add to that a record crowd and you have makings of a very enjoyable Opening Day.

And so we come to the 9th inning with a one-run lead and the Pirates are down to their last out. The Minute Maid crowd is on their feet and screaming their lungs out. This is the moment we waited all off-season for; a chance to celebrate the beginning of the 2007 season in perfect fashion.

Then it happens, the bomb to left and the game is tied. The sound of 43,000 people gasping in horror is a very memorable noise. Morally wounded, the Astros go down in 10 innings 4-2 and the 2007 campaign is off with a thud.

Now what? Well, it’s only one game and for those of you who think the season is over, think of Yogi.

Here is what I saw yesterday. Great pitching from Oswalt. We take if for granted, but that guy can pitch. He had one sequence where he threw a 94 mph fastball and then a 66 mph curve that frankly is just evil.

The hitting was much better than last year. There were not a lot of strikeouts and a number of well-hit balls. I think this lineup is going to be interesting.

The fielding was better than I expected. Chris Burke made a couple of very nice catches and almost made a spectatular catch. Adam Everett showed his range by making a catch half-way into left field. That guy is amazing.

In the end, it’s only one game. I just wish we could have had the storybook ending to complete the picture. Even though we didn’t, I’ll be there with my boys next year ready to celebrate or lament again!