Dec 01 2008

New York Giants Receiver Plaxico Burress Surrenders to Police

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In today’s dose of What’s Wrong with the NFL, the headlines read “Plexico Burress Surrenders to Police.” Why would the NY Giants star wide receiver and hero of Superbowl XLII be surrendering to police?

Nearly three days after accidentally shooting himself in the thigh at a Manhattan nightclub, Giants receiver Plaxico Burress turned himself in at a New York City police precinct in midtown Manhattan on Monday morning to face charges of criminal possession of a handgun.

At 8 a.m., Burress, escorted by his lawyer, stepped out of a black Cadillac Escalade and walked calmly into the 17th Precinct station house at East 51st Street and Lexington Avenue — three blocks north of the night club where the incident took place — as throngs of onlookers, some of them heckling, and reporters stood behind metal barricades. Dressed in jeans and a white shirt with a collar, Burress did not appear to be limping, and said nothing as he entered the precinct.

Yes, he shot himself in the leg. I’ve heard the saying I shot myself in the foot, but that was in reference to getting out of something bad and making a mistake. Why would Burress want to jeopardize his pro career and millions of dollars? What are his options?

Burress plans to plead not guilty to a weapon possession charge during a Monday afternoon court appearance, his lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, said outside the police station. Conviction on the charge could result in at least 3 1/2 years in prison.

“He is standing tall. He is a mature adult,” said Brafman. “I think any professional athlete in this situation would be concerned.”

And there is the problem. “I think any professional athlete in this situation would be concerned.” Why do professional athletes get into these situations? Why do the insist on hanging-out with the “wrong” crowd and decide to arm themselves? In the case of Burress, he was obviously in greater danger from himself than from others. Why do these stories keep coming?

I’m sure more will come out of this, but it is just another example of why I need to explain bizarre behavior to my kids and remind them that professional athletes are NOT role models…again.

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