Dec 03 2008

From Bad to Worse, Plaxico Burress is Done with the Giants for the Season

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Are the New York Giants going to return to the Super Bowl? If so, they will have to make it without last year’s Super Bowl star Plaxico Burress

The New York Giants fined and suspended Plaxico Burress on Tuesday for four games — the rest of the regular season — after he accidentally shot himself in the right thigh over the weekend at a Manhattan nightclub. The team also placed him on the reserve non-football injury list, which means the wide receiver couldn’t come back for the playoffs.

So Burress is finished with the Giants this year, but that may only be the beginning of his problems. In 2006, New York passed anti-gun legislation with mandatory minimums and Burress could be looking at some real jail time:

[The anti-gun law] eliminated a provision that gave judges the option of not imposing jail time on people found guilty of illegally possessing a loaded firearm.

Instead, the three-and-a-half year minimum sentence was established. As a result, legal experts said Tuesday, Burress may have little wiggle room as he tries to avoid prison time.

“Even if he pleads down, he can only plead down one count and he would still face a minimum of two years in prison,” said Robert C. Gottlieb, a New York-based criminal defense lawyer and a former prosecutor in the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

“The other wiggle room is that he could try and prevent the district attorney’s office from charging him with this crime and charge him with a lesser crime.”

Charging Burress with a lesser crime would like spark a wave of criticism in New York and around the country. Considering we just elected a president who is pro gun control, this may not be the best time for a more “relaxed” charge. New York’s Mayor Bloomberg appears to be in no mood for a lesser sentence:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who Monday stressed in no uncertain times that Burress made a “a sham, a mockery” of the law and that he should be fully prosecuted, was less vociferous yesterday.

What a mess. All from an athlete believing that the rules did not apply to him and who didn’t take the time to learn about the proper way to handle a handgun.

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