Mar 04 2009

Russian Analyst Predicts the United States will Collapse in 2010

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Interesting perspective on the global economic crisis from Moscow today.

MOSCOW – If you’re inclined to believe Igor Panarin, and the Kremlin wouldn’t mind if you did, then President Barack Obama will order martial law this year, the United States will split into six rump-states before 2011, and Russia and China will become the backbones of a new world order.

The prediction from Panarin, a former spokesman for Russia’s Federal Space Agency and reportedly an ex-KGB analyst, meshes with the negative view of the United States that has been flowing from the Kremlin in recent years, in particular from Vladimir Putin.

Putin, the former president who is now prime minister, has likened the United States to Nazi Germany’s Third Reich and blames Washington for the global financial crisis that has pounded the Russian economy.

Wow. That is a lot to digest on a Tuesday morning. Drawing analogies between the US and Nazi Germany is completely absurd and sounds like an inflammatory ploy for attention. Add to that the assertion that Obama will declare Martial Law and you are really stirring the pot. After all, many Americans are worried that the Obama Administration will be coming for their guns as it is. With talk of Martial Law, that fear will only grow.

So, it this new world order, the US will somehow divide into six states and Alaska with all of her resources will return to Russia. That one sounds like a plea for Russian Nationalism and a rallying cry for a people that live in a state who has collapsed. Not really surprising that they would want to drag us down to their level.

China and Russia will become the backbone of the new world economy. Think about that one for a minute, two communist or former communist powers leading the world. If that were to happen, you would see two things right away. First, we would likely see a decline in the world’s population as all the led-tainted products from China spread out throughout the world. Secondly, you could say goodbye to any world aid efforts from the dominant powers. Let’s face it, neither country thinks much of those outside of their boarders. Come to think of it, doesn’t one of them have a giant wall….

The last time our country was attacked and threatened by a foreign power, we rallied together and came out stronger then before. Perhaps comments like Mr. Panarin’s will help to wake this country up and get us to realize that we are under constant attack and we all need to pull together and fight for our nation.

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3 Responses to “Russian Analyst Predicts the United States will Collapse in 2010”

  1. Jake says:

    I believe Igor Panarin is fully unaware of the vast evil in the depths of hell from the midst of the U.S. that is yet to come. We eagerly await Mr. Panarin’s arrival along with his countrymen – so they can further become salt of the land. What the Bolsheviks accomplished in bringing Russia to it’s knees and throwing the Emperor of Russia down a mine shaft is but a walk in the park to what is going to happen to the Russians for making statements like Mr. Panarin is making. Mr. Pararin isn’t fully aware of the evil that pleasures itself on this planet of death that he is getting ready to offer up including himself – as a morsel to the feast. Put your imagination where your mouth is – then understand what you are Mr. Panaran – are saying! You live to be but a few years old and then you wither away and return to the dirt. Do you really think that My Planet of Death is going to reject your offerings? I think not. It invites your madness coming from hatred, greed and envy.

  2. Erick (Manila) says:

    Objectively speaking, the U.S. as a nation itself, is indeed under an economic mess. But we must also remember that the u.s. controls the economy of its vast neocolonial states worldwide. Having this power denotes easy manipulation of circumstances in favor of the united states.

  3. Thomas Jefferson says:

    We as a nation have become arrogant and complacent never believing that we could see our country separated by political and cultural views. The Russians had the same frame of mind when this professor predicted in 1976 that Russia would be divided and that countries would begin to secede from the USSR.
    I was born in the United States of America and do not like hearing these statements about my country but if you honestly look around you and see what is going on in Congress and the new administration you might wake up to the fact that regardless of how difficult it might be to separate the US into 6 different Republics it could happen if we continue the limitless spending and over regulation of small business and corporations and forcing tax payers to fund abortions that their religions forbid. “We the People” do not have Senators and Congressmen/women whose votes reflect the wishes of their constituents who pay their salaries. Instead they vote in favor of special interest groups for their own financial gain. This has to stop to prevent the majority from rebelling against the Capital of our great nation.

    The Russians never dreamed it could happen to a Super Power like they once had! The mistake Russia made was to educate the majority of their population, NOT a mistake that we are making!

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