Feb 12 2009

Joaquin Phoenix on Late Show with David Letterman

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If you missed this, Joaquin Phoenix has quite a performance on The Late Show with David Letterman. Check this out:

Wow. Letterman, “Joaquin, I’m sorry you could not be here tonight.” Priceless!


Feb 03 2009

Coffee Anyone?

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Tuesday, February 3rd.

The football season is officially over, the economy is in the toilet and the groundhog has seen his shadow. Yikes. February blows. Well, at least I have a good cup of coffee to keep me going.

Coffee Pot Sludge

mmmmm...a great way to start your day!

I come into the office early; some would consider it to be stupidly early, but I’m usually the one to make the coffee. This morning, I was met with a science experiment gone horribly wrong. I’m not sure if I was witness to the birth of a new life form or an alternative source of fuel, but it had to go. I need coffee. Coffee is the sustainer of life in these trying times. Coffee gets us going. Coffee makes us smile. Coffee helps us write sentences longer than four words. Must have coffee.

Oh well, I suppose I shouldn’t be too depressed. After all, it’s only 6 more months until the start of the NFL preseason…

It’s a good thing February is short.

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Nov 24 2008

Barry Manilow, Cruel and Unusual Punishment for Colorado Noise Offenders

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A Fort Lupton, Colorado judge has taken extreme measures to prevent repeat noise offenders:

Fort Lupton Municipal Judge Paul Sacco says his novel punishment of forcing noise violators to listen to music they don’t like for one hour has cut down on the number of repeat offenders in this northwestern Colorado prairie town.

About four times a year, those guilty of noise ordinance violations are required to sit in a room and listen to music from the likes of Manilow, Barney the Dinosaur, and The Platters’ crooning “Only You”

“These people should have to listen to music they don’t like,” said Judge Paul Sacco for a segment about the program that aired Friday on Denver’s KUSA-TV.

This is not the first time someone has been punished with Barry Manilow. In 1989, the US used a dose of Manilow to try and drive former Panama strongman Manuel Noriega from the Vatican Embassy and a couple of years ago, in suburban Sydney, officials used Barry Manilow to prevent people from gathering at the Cook Park Reserve.

I’m not sure what Barry would have to say about this use of his music, but I think there are some who would consider this cruel and unusual punishment!


Nov 22 2008

Valentine Nebraska’s “Butt Bandit” Caught With His Pants Down

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This story cracks me up:

Police have arrested a man suspected of leaving greasy, graphic imprints on the windows of stores, churches and schools in a small Nebraska town. A 35-year-old man was caught in the act by police early Wednesday morning, Cherry County Attorney Eric Scott said Friday. The man hasn’t been charged yet, but authorities believe he is the vandal some townsfolk have dubbed the “Butt Bandit.”

Beginning in spring of 2007, a mystery vandal visited businesses at night, pressing his naked behind – sometimes his groin, sometimes both – on windows. The marks were made with lotion or petroleum jelly, and while police had earlier worried copycat criminals were getting involved, Scott said they now believe it’s “the act of a lone deviant.”

“This isn’t normal behavior for Valentine, Neb.,” Scott said. “It’s an embarrassment for the hardworking people who live here.”

Wait, a guy from Valentine goes around making “impressions” on local shop windows. Oh the humanity! This adds an entirely new meaning to “stained” glass windows at the local churches. Maybe he was just providing creative bun advertising for the local bakery. Could Valentine be the secret hangout of Joe the Plumber?

The best part of the story was the concern by police over copycat criminals or was it copycrack criminals?

This has been a big news year for Nebraska. First, we had the Safe Haven Law/teenager dumping ground and now we have the vertical smilings of the Butt Bandit. Nebraska rocks!

Nov 12 2008

Senator John McCain Appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Last Night

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Senator John McCain on the Tonight Show last night answered some questions for Jay Leno about Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber, the campaign, and his future.

Leno: “How have you been doing?”

McCain: “Well, I’ve been sleeping like a baby. I sleep two hours, wake up, and cry. Sleep two hours, wake up, and cry.”

Here are all three parts of the interview:

This interview was a nice tie-in with Veteran’s Day and reminds me just how good McCain can be with the media. This truly seems to be his home.


Nov 04 2008

Video: Super Barack Obama

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I just saw this one for the first time. Super Barack Obama takes on the forces of evil.

Too funny.

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Nov 04 2008

Live Voting on CNN: Barack Obama is Voting Live

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If you have a chance, go to CNN and watch the candidates vote live. I know it’s just a gimmick, but it’s cool to see them at the machines.

By the way, Obama took way to long to be voting the straight party ticket. Good for him!

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Nov 02 2008

SNL: Saturday Night Live Backstage with John and Cindy McCain

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This clip was not part of the show, but was posted on the SNL web site. John McCain does Barbra Streisand…don’t quit your day job Senator! Pardon the Starbucks commercial, SNL has finally figured out they need to make money while they can on this stuff.

I just love it when the candidates don’t take themselves too seriously.

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Nov 02 2008

SNL: John McCain Appears on Saturday Night Live Weekend Update

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John McCain stuck around on Saturday Night Live last night to do SNL Weekend Update and had another solid performance.

As Seth Meyers said, “How is this going to help you win an election?” Not sure it will have any impact, but it is fun to watch!

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Nov 02 2008

SNL: John McCain and Sarah Palin (Tina Fey) Open Saturday Night Live via QVC Commercial

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Great opening to Saturday Night Live (SNL) last night. Senator John McCain and Tina Fey as Sarah Palin open SNL by doing a QVC campaign commercial. Even the real Cindy McCain makes a cameo. Great stuff!

Hurry, get your Joe Biden doll while supplies last!

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