Feb 12 2009

Joaquin Phoenix on Late Show with David Letterman

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If you missed this, Joaquin Phoenix has quite a performance on The Late Show with David Letterman. Check this out:

Wow. Letterman, “Joaquin, I’m sorry you could not be here tonight.” Priceless!


Nov 26 2008

MTV to Host Obama Inauguration Event: “Be the Change Inaugural Ball”:

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MTV knows a good party when they see one. The network has decided to throw a Ball for the Obama inauguration:

The network announced Tuesday that it will host the “Be the Change Inaugural Ball” at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington on Jan. 20. The event will be televised live across MTV’s many channels and platforms, including MTV and MTV.com.

Why is MTV throwing the ball? Here is what they say on their press release:

The event will celebrate the massive youth-voter turnout in this month’s presidential election and an active commitment from America’s youth to impart positive social change through volunteer service. ServiceNation is an organization that campaigns to increase support for expanding national service programs like the Peace Corps and Americorps. In September, it hosted a forum with Obama and Senator John McCain, in which both presidential candidates agreed on the importance of community involvement.

A record 24 million people between the ages of 18 and 29 voted in the 2008 presidential election, accounting for 18 percent of the 133.3 million voters who hit the polls. It marked the third major election in a row with increased youth-voter numbers, and for the first time in 20 years, the number of young voters surpassed the number of voters over the age of 65.

One can bet the line-up for this event will read like a Hollywood who-s-who. One thing is certain, after her comments, Lindsay Lohan’s invitation will be lost in the mail.

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Nov 13 2008

Paula Goodspeed, American Idol Contestant and Paula Abdul Fan, Commits Suicide

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Those of you who follow American Idol probably remember the audition for Paula Goodspeed, Paula Abdul’s “number one fan.” If you don’t here is the video:

In LA this week, news came out that Paula Goodspeed committed suicide near Abdul’s home:

Paula Goodspeed, 30, was found dead, an apparent suicide, Tuesday evening in her car, which was parked a few doors down from Abdul’s Los Angeles home. Reuters reported that prescription pills, along with CDs and pictures of Abdul, were found in the car.

“It appears to be a suicide by overdose,” Detective Robert Bub of the Los Angeles Police Department told Reuters.

Rest in peace Paula.


Nov 12 2008

Lindsay Lohan on Access Hollywood Calls Obama “Our First Colored President”

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Lindsay Lohan was on Access Hollywood and managed to put her foot squarely in her mouth.

Leave it to Lindsay Lohan to be the first celebrity to offer support and excitement for her candidate while at the same time insulting him. In a recent interview with Access Hollywood’s Maria Menounos this week, the troubled starlet stated her excitement for our country’s “first colored” president.

Here is the actual video from the Access Hollywood website.

In listening to the interview, she actually said, “it’s our first colored president”. Are you kidding me? How can someone claim to be involved in the race for President and be so far out of touch with the world today? This is not the 1970s and you are not Archie Bunker.

See what happens when actors go off-script.

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Nov 04 2008

Heidi Klum Guitar Hero World Tour Risky Business Commercial

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Last week, we saw Kobe Bryant, Michael Phelps, Tony Hawk, and Alex Rodriguez doing Tom Cruise in Risky Business to promote the release of Guitar Hero World Tour. This week, we get another version of this commercial with Heidi Klum.

Clearly a step-up in quality!

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Nov 02 2008

SNL: John McCain and Sarah Palin (Tina Fey) Open Saturday Night Live via QVC Commercial

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Great opening to Saturday Night Live (SNL) last night. Senator John McCain and Tina Fey as Sarah Palin open SNL by doing a QVC campaign commercial. Even the real Cindy McCain makes a cameo. Great stuff!

Hurry, get your Joe Biden doll while supplies last!

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May 22 2008

American Idol Finale Out-FOXes DVRs

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We watched the American Idol Finale on our flaky little Comcast DVR last night right up to the big moment. “And the Winner of American Idol is, David…” and then the recording stopped. What!?!? I knew it was going to be a David, that’s all we had. Which David?!?! Here’s what it looked like for DVR users.

Yes, Fox ran long with their American Idol Finale and the DVR stopped as scheduled.

According to Nielsen Media Research, Idol’s numbers were down; Wednesday’s finale drew an audience of 30.7 million, compared with last year’s 36.4 million. However online chat groups and other fan sites were sprinkled with complaints yesterday because the megahit ran several minutes over its scheduled two hours of programming, causing many DVR and TiVo users to miss recording the selection of Sparks as the next American Idol.

Should have seen that one coming a mile away. That’s one way to make sure people are watching your shows live, mess-up their recorders. Ironically, the FOX plan may backfire. To find out what happened, I’m sure most DVR users turned to the Internet which is exactly what the networks want to avoid. Maybe they out-FOXed themselves.


May 22 2008

American Idol Winner: David Cook (Really?)

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The most karaoke season of American Idol ended last night with, in my opinion, the least karaoke-like singer winning the prize.

David Cook, a sometimes sullen 25-year-old rocker from Blue Springs, Mo., was named the winner of “American Idol” on Wednesday, receiving 56 percent of the 97.5 million votes cast after Tuesday’s performances, easily defeating David Archuleta, a 17-year-old balladeer from Murray, Utah.

It was in many ways a surprise victory. During Tuesday’s competition, all three of the program’s judges seemed to endorse Mr. Archuleta as the winner. To many in the 7,000-seat Nokia Theater here, Mr. Archuleta’s final performances were more electric. Simon Cowell, the sometimes petulant judge who rarely is at a loss for words, seemed to speak for the other judges at the end of Tuesday’s show when he said Mr. Archuleta “came out here to win” and did so by “a knockout.”

Oops. Yes, it was a knockout (by 12,000 votes allegedly) by the “underdog” and not by the media favorite. Frankly, I thought it was going the other way as well. Here you have a cute boy-band-in-the-making kid who pulls in that 10-15 year-old demographic with all those mothers poised to buy his music just sitting there waiting for the producers to leverage the New Backstreet ‘N Sync Machine for all they are worth and it all goes away. Well, they will still proceed with plans for the runnier-up, it’s just not going to be as big.

The music and television industry are facing increased competition from Internet sources and have to work on different ways to gather and maintain audiences. American Idol has been a consistent performer, but the winds may be changing:

With network television and the music industry both up against a fractured audience and new forms of media, Cook and runner-up Archuleta became standard-bearers for today’s broad-based popular culture.

“Idol” remains the only show able to consistently deliver vast numbers of viewers, eclipsing even the Oscars.

However, after a season in which the series came under fire for various offstage controversies and suffered a midseason sag in ratings, television’s titan stands at a crossroads. It remains to be seen whether this year’s dip in popularity is a one-year phenomenon or the first step on the inevitable downward spiral all successful TV shows eventually face.

I have been a casual watcher of American Idol over the years and firmly believe this year was highlighted by the most brutal untalented singers in the history of the show. Having said that, I always considered David Cook to be the most talented of the bunch. Last night you could see how a performer like Seal completely out-classed the Idols. I guess this is what you get when you try to artificially create a star to fit the mold.

Look for changes next season in the Idol format to reach a younger crowd. I suspect having Dolly Parton, Neil Diamond, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and even Maria Carie will not be back in the future. Let’s face it, those artists don’t resonate with the target demographic.

Oh well, with David Cook, a good kid has won the prize:

Asked what went through his head when he heard his name called: “That my music teacher, Mrs. (Fredalyn) Gentry, made me sing in the Christmas pageant in second grade. Now I’m here. The ride has been pretty nuts.”

Cook’s journey was made more emotionally difficult by the illness of his older brother, Adam, who has terminal cancer. Cook kept his personal story out of the “Idol” process as much as he could. But several times, including Wednesday night, his emotions overcame him.

Good for him and I wish him the best.